Rice Product

Our Thai Hom Mali rice (Thai Jasmine rice) is selected from Northeast part of Thailand where the best source of jasmine rice is. We bring them through the process manufactured from state-of-the-art technology and HACCP and GMP standards included Halal certification from the Office of Consumer Protection Boards. (PSC).It is assured that our Thai Jasmine Rice under “Kaset” brand has the consistent quality also meet the highest standard of 5% white jasmine rice from the Department of Internal Trade; Ministry of Commerce.





Our Bean under “Kaset” brand is a natural products, all seeds are well-selected; clean and standard sizing. The product is generates high nutrition and rich of Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and Proteins. They are ideal of health supplement. All beans get through the high technology machines which process cleanness, impurities free and final packed by automatic machines to become the accurate weight product.


 Instant coffee and snacks


The 5% distilled vinegar is made from natural ingredients, fermented rice with yeast. They are in through the distillation process until the distilled vinegar is clear, no sediment. They receive TIS (Industrial Standards) mark that can guarantee the safety and high standards process. By not open the lid, our Kaset vinegar has product shelf life for 2 years.



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