Company History

Thai Ha Public Company Limited has a long great history starting from 1993 to the present.
The company has now listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and is in list number 263 of the government campaign of anti-corruption companies from 200,000 companies 200,000 in Thailand. We have been established as the grateful ideology of being good business model in Thailand, included by three main philosophies.

  1. Love
  2. Happiness
  3. Success

We strive to become a truly self-organization and self-sustaining organizations which can be competing effectively in the sustainable market. The ideally of no working solo, we can increase working efficiency and good cooperate to every partners. We are in the commitment and the perseverance of team work under CEO’s vision “To be Knights of the round table

Thai Ha Public Company Limited produces several finest products from the best agricultural area in Thailand.  By the company’s principal of being good business practices, our team has been initiated to support buying rice directly among Thai farmers in the growing areas. Besides from support Thai farmer directly, we have joined  the main  projects with Thai government such as new rice species project called “Jasmine Rice KD 43 “ which is a healthy choice to the consumers. This scheme can also contribute higher income and new knowledge to the farmers.

Not only for rice product, we also can produce other agriculture items such as bean vermicelli, green mung bean, instant bean vermicelli, instant rice porridge, snacks (Coco Rice Roll) and more. This is included the organic products like Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice, Rice Berry and Green Beans to encourage consumers to have good health in a sustainable way.

We are also the distributor of consumer products for example Vegetable Oil “Angoon Brand” and “Cheer Brand”,  Sugar “Mit Phot Brand”, Coconut Milk “Chao Koh Brand”, Chili Plate “Chua Hah Seng Brand” for food service IHORECA, Modern Trade, Traditional Trade, and Export channels.

Thai Ha Public Company Limited operates on a fair basis and focus on human resources development, technology, production, quality of people and good work.  The idea is to form up honestly and kindness into our staffs.  In order be a fast serving among our customer, there are various areas of Sales & Marketing, Logistic that had been enlarge the network to keep up the customer’s satisfaction. At present, the company can delivery our products in nationwide with the organized system.

In addition, the company has a commitment to quality systems which we have received the international certifications; verify BRC 15 years in Grade A 8 years, USFDA 25 years, HACCP 20 years, Halal 25 years. In 2017, our KASET Brand was chosen as chosen as the Super Brand, this is present to persevere of working commitment to get a good product and quality into the market.

From the policy of the management team, we will bring the company in the direction of leading companies of Thailand and worldwide.  In each job function of business unit (BU) will run as the cross function collaboration which can create the effective of team working and being a great way to drive business sustainability.

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